pickup line

Pick up lines are a must for almost every man alive today! Without a proper pick up line, you can fail miserably in attempting to attract a woman and while you might not they’re necessary, think again! The trouble is men say things without thinking and when you’re approaching a woman for the first time, it can backfire badly. If you approach a woman and say something inappropriate even when you’re trying to be charming, it can offend and ruin your chances. Remember, women listen to everything so it doesn’t always work to be cheesy or say things off the top of your head. So, if you want a simple but definitive how to guide for pick up lines, read on, you might just find this very useful.

Forget Cheesy 80’s Pick up Lines

Everyone loves the cheesy rom-coms of the 1980’s and while those films are technically classics of today, their pick up lines aren’t! Unfortunately many men are tempted to use a few awful pick up lines from them and it’s not a great idea. Some pick up lines from the 80’s are actually cringe-worthy and extremely bad. Women don’t want these they want something fresh, new and from the heart! Also, if a woman recognizes the line she will know you haven’t even bothered coming up with a pick up line yourself and that kills the magic! Women want to feel special and want to know you’ve actually made an effort so forget the old pick up bits and be original.

Be Yourself

A lot of men are shy and probably would never think about approaching a woman in a bar, restaurant or club but with a good pick up line, things can go far smoother. So, if you are approaching a woman for the first time, you have to be yourself. Now this probably doesn’t sound the best approach but if you want a woman to like you, she must like who you are. It’s the same with your pick up lines; these have to be a reflection on you so try to be more charming than a typical bloke! Women sometimes want to see the real you so it’s best to offer a pick up line that reflect who you are rather than something you’re not.

Start With a Joke

Women love to laugh but not at someone’s expense. You cannot approach a woman with a ‘funny’ pick up line at someone else’s expense because it’s cruel and not appealing. Your pick up lines must be fun. If you manage to get a woman to laugh at your jokes, you are golden! A woman loves a man who can make them laugh and if you can find a great joke that does you can strike up a conversation with the woman. read more from http://www.yourtango.com/2017301475/10-funny-pick-up-lines-hot-repairmen-your-life

Honest Pick up Lines Are the Best

pickup lineWomen don’t like fake. Women don’t want a man to approach them and use awful pick up lines they know are fake because they can see right through them. ‘I was watching you and thinking it’s Angelina Jolie’; now that pick up line can be flattering but if a woman knows she’s nothing like the star, she will know you’re being fake. Instead you have to come across as an honest person and not just someone who is after one thing. ‘I thought you were very pretty and wanted to say hello’. OK, that might sound cheesy but it’s actually quite sweet and if that’s what you were really thinking, say so. There’s no point making up lies that women know are false because sometimes it doesn’t make them feel nice, it tells them you’re just after one thing!

Don’t Panic

What’s the worst thing that can happen when you approach a woman? She tells you she’s not interested; well, that isn’t too bad. However, if you don’t approach them you’ll never know if they liked you. Panicking about approaching a woman is only going to result in you staying away and that isn’t good. With a few simple pick up lines and a bit of confidence you can approach a woman and hopefully strike up a conversation; that’s the first step!