pick up lines

Pick up lines are something which attract a woman to a man. Men usually approach the women and say something witty in order to make them laugh and to start a conversation with them. For the most part, pick up or chat up lines is pretty effective and can bring a lot of people together. Of course, there are just some lines that fall flat but you never know what is going to attract a woman to a man. Now you know what a pick up line, do you know how to use it? visit this post here!

Avoid the Cheesy Pick up Lines and Don’t Be Overly Keen

You will hear this time and time again; cheesy and old pickups are not going to work. You might think the classic pick up lines never fail but in today’s world thy do! Remember, woman want to be swept off their feet and have heard most of the cheesy pick up lines out there so they want something new and appealing. Copying a few lines from an older movie is fine but it’s unlikely to work how you would like. That is why you have to avoid cheesy one-liners or once-funny lines that have gone out-of-style. Also, you need to know when to walk away. It’s good to be keen but if you’re overly keen and she isn’t biting, leave! This way you don’t look desperate and the woman doesn’t get a little disturbed by you either.

Know Your Audience

Delivering your pick up lines has to be done in an appropriate manner. For instance, you can’t walk up to a walk and be totally rude about why you’re talking to her or what you want from her. If you’re only looking for one thing you really can’t come out and say it as the woman might be pretty offended. Also, it’s a great way to get a slap in the face so you have to analyze the woman first before approaching. Is she a flirty person or someone who is shy? Will she appreciate the type of pick up line you’re going to say to her? Sometimes, it’s best to hang back and get an idea of the type of person she is before approaching.

Timing Matters

pick up linesLet’s say you have noticed a girl sitting with a friend all night and have made eye contact a few times, it’s important to make the next step at the opportune moment. There is no point approaching a woman if she’s sitting with a man because you don’t know who he is. If he’s her boyfriend then it’s likely you’ll get a fist in your face. Also, if the woman is sitting with friends, she might find it awkward to be approached in front of others. That is why you have to approach when she’s alone either at the bar or sitting alone. This is when you can start your pick up lines and it’s when they’re most effective. Timing is crucial so if you get it wrong, even the best pick up line won’t save you. read more from http://lifeballer.com/complete-list-of-pick-up-lines/

Use Your Pick Up Effectively

It’s hard to know when a woman will be interested in a man or when she’s going to appreciate or like what you say. Sometimes, a woman just isn’t interested in what a man has to say for whatever reason and when it happens, you need to know when to walk away. However, delivering a pick up line can be pretty easy and once you have a few practice runs at it, it shouldn’t be too scary. Use the best pick up lines and don’t be afraid to approach a woman.