When trying to up your game in regards to pick up lines, it can help to have some advice from professionals who have done this type thing before. Without good, solid advice, pick up lines can come across as either cheesy or, at worst, creepy and threatening. Follow these tips to have the best luck you can while still maintaining some level of self respect and mystery!

Above all else, be honest!

Pick up lines are nothing without honesty. Most people can smell a bad line a mile away and will shut you down before you even get started. Not only that, but people react positively to honesty. Before trying one of the more obvious pick up lines, try being honest. “Hi, I’m ‘Steve’ and I saw you from across the room and wanted to introduce myself” or shaking his or her hand with a simple introduction and volunteering information about yourself works best. No one likes to feel like they’re meeting someone with an ulterior motive or that is just trying to get in their pants right away, so be honest and straight forward. You’ll find you will have much better luck with the honest approach than you would with hitting them with a straight up pick up line with no warm up. Trust me.

Flatter them, but subtly

This is where you need to start being careful with your pick up lines. Flattery can be a difficult way forward that you need to make sure you use with subtlety. If you are too forward, you’ll come off creepy. Not forward enough and you sound like a weirdo. The best flattery is, as started above, honest flattery so always make sure you believe what you’re saying. People can sense when they’re being lied to a mile away. Start with the honest approach, introduce yourself, then move on to subtle flattery. It doesn’t always have to be physical characteristics either. Sometimes the best flattery pick up lines refer to things like clothes or shoes – they come across much less creepy. “Hi, my name is ‘Steve’. I wanted to introduce myself, I love the color of your shirt. It really brings out your eyes” is a good way to start a conversation without being too obvious. Give it a shot!

What not to do

One of the difficult things about pick up lines is figuring out the balance between being too forward and too shy (although some people are into the shy thing!). Make sure you don’t touch people without their permission or complement them on anything inappropriate (don’t comment on their breasts or butt, for instance). Also, if they aren’t interested, make sure to back off and don’t push it. Knowing when to stop is one of the most important parts of using pick up lines.

Meeting new romantic interests can be difficult. Knowing how to use pick up lines to your advantage can be a great tool in your arsenal when it comes to getting to know new people you may be interested in getting to know better or dating!