How to pretty up your pick up lines

Using pick up lines can be fairly hit or miss when attempting to flirt with someone of either gender, no matter how slick you think you may be. There are a few rules to remember and tricks to try when deciding to employ a pick up line to increase your chances of success and reduce the risk of embarrassment

Try the honest approach.

Instead of a pick up line, just try the honest approach. Most people respond much better to a simple “Hi, my name is _______, what’s your name?” than they do a cheesy, overused pick up line. It may seem counter intuitive, but the direct and straightforward approach is the best one, over all, and it makes you seem like less of a creep. Don’t you want to start out on a good foot instead of falling flat on your face with a pick up line that he or she may have heard a million times before? First impressions matter a lot, especially if you’re trying to meet a new romantic partner, and you only get one chance to make a good one so make it count. This could be a story you tell to your kids down the line and a funny pick up line may not be the wisdom you wish to impart on your future generations. Also, according to psychology, “trait perception” plays a large role in those first interactions. Since we are not able to see a list of traits from the people we interact with, you are forced to infer them from the actions the other person takes. Coming at somebody with a cheesy pick up line like “Do you wash your pants in Windex? Cause I can see myself in them” says more about you than you think it does… and not in any good way.

Try the flattering approach.

If you want to use a pick up line, try just starting with something flattering. Be careful, though. There’s a thin line between sounding like a creep and saying something genuinely flattering. Try to stay away from anything too physical or personal. An exception to that is complimenting his or her smile, if they are in fact smiling. It’s best to stick to flattering his or her choice of drink or an item of clothing (think more shirt and less pants). Make sure that they know you are approaching them as a person and not as a body. Some pick up lines tend to sound like you’re only interested in getting to know their body and not the whole person and can be a huge turnoff. Approach someone genuinely and compliment them on something that sticks out. Don’t try too hard… people can see right through that and you come off as aggressive or a fraud.

Remember, pick up lines can be fun if you use them intelligently. A good pick up line is one that is genuine, funny and direct without being creepy or reducing the person to a body part.

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When Are Pick Up Lines Most Effective?

Pick up lines can be very effective but only when they are done right! Far too many people try to be a little too smart when it comes to picking up someone in a bar or club and end up failing miserably with their pick ups! The trouble is that there are certain times when a pick up can go perfect and other times when they go horribly wrong. Ideally you want your chat up lines to go well. So when are these lines most effective? Read on to find out more.

When They Are Delivered Right

How do you deliver a pick up line? Do you talk with a confident tone or are you someone who is a bit too awkward and end up getting the line back to front? Also, when a girl is surrounded by a mountain of friends she might not want to have someone she doesn’t know deliver a bad pick up line and embarrass her, even if she likes you. It’s something which far too many men have issues with and it’s causing them to lose out. When you deliver your pick up lines will make all the difference today. You’ll want to ensure they are delivered in the perfect manner.

You Can’t Sound Too Cheesy

Cheesy pick up lines don’t work as much as you think. While you might see romantic comedy films delivering cheesy pick up lines and the guy getting the girl, in real life, it’s not as simple. Some girls don’t want a cheese pick up line, they want someone to be romantic but also very someone who can offer a nice chat up line. If they aren’t into cheesy pick up lines you might not really impress. Some girls do like cheesy pick up lines but not always. So find the lines that appeal to people rather than that sounds too cheesy. Learn more.

Timing Is Crucial

Timing is everything when it comes to talking to someone you think may be special and it’s crucial to ensure you time your pick ups also. If your timing is off its more likely that you’ll run into some difficulties such as rejection. However, if you can deliver your pick up lines at the precise moment it can be ideal. Pick up lines really need to be delivered on time! Timing is crucial and it’s something that you should really think about so that you don’t get a knockback.

Make Your Pick Up Lines Are Effective?

A pick up line can be very effective at any time. However, while some cheesy lines won’t work with some girls, they might work with some others. What is more, the type of line you use might be more appealing to one woman over another. There are so many things that have to be considered when it comes to chatting up someone. What makes a pick up line so effective? It depends on what you say and who too! Say the right pick up lines and try not to offend someone today. Learn more details at

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How to perfect your pick up lines

When trying to up your game in regards to pick up lines, it can help to have some advice from professionals who have done this type thing before. Without good, solid advice, pick up lines can come across as either cheesy or, at worst, creepy and threatening. Follow these tips to have the best luck you can while still maintaining some level of self respect and mystery!

Above all else, be honest!

Pick up lines are nothing without honesty. Most people can smell a bad line a mile away and will shut you down before you even get started. Not only that, but people react positively to honesty. Before trying one of the more obvious pick up lines, try being honest. “Hi, I’m ‘Steve’ and I saw you from across the room and wanted to introduce myself” or shaking his or her hand with a simple introduction and volunteering information about yourself works best. No one likes to feel like they’re meeting someone with an ulterior motive or that is just trying to get in their pants right away, so be honest and straight forward. You’ll find you will have much better luck with the honest approach than you would with hitting them with a straight up pick up line with no warm up. Trust me.

Flatter them, but subtly

This is where you need to start being careful with your pick up lines. Flattery can be a difficult way forward that you need to make sure you use with subtlety. If you are too forward, you’ll come off creepy. Not forward enough and you sound like a weirdo. The best flattery is, as started above, honest flattery so always make sure you believe what you’re saying. People can sense when they’re being lied to a mile away. Start with the honest approach, introduce yourself, then move on to subtle flattery. It doesn’t always have to be physical characteristics either. Sometimes the best flattery pick up lines refer to things like clothes or shoes – they come across much less creepy. “Hi, my name is ‘Steve’. I wanted to introduce myself, I love the color of your shirt. It really brings out your eyes” is a good way to start a conversation without being too obvious. Give it a shot!

What not to do

One of the difficult things about pick up lines is figuring out the balance between being too forward and too shy (although some people are into the shy thing!). Make sure you don’t touch people without their permission or complement them on anything inappropriate (don’t comment on their breasts or butt, for instance). Also, if they aren’t interested, make sure to back off and don’t push it. Knowing when to stop is one of the most important parts of using pick up lines.

Meeting new romantic interests can be difficult. Knowing how to use pick up lines to your advantage can be a great tool in your arsenal when it comes to getting to know new people you may be interested in getting to know better or dating!


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What Is a Pick up Line and How You Can Use It?

pick up lines

Pick up lines are something which attract a woman to a man. Men usually approach the women and say something witty in order to make them laugh and to start a conversation with them. For the most part, pick up or chat up lines is pretty effective and can bring a lot of people together. Of course, there are just some lines that fall flat but you never know what is going to attract a woman to a man. Now you know what a pick up line, do you know how to use it? visit this post here!

Avoid the Cheesy Pick up Lines and Don’t Be Overly Keen

You will hear this time and time again; cheesy and old pickups are not going to work. You might think the classic pick up lines never fail but in today’s world thy do! Remember, woman want to be swept off their feet and have heard most of the cheesy pick up lines out there so they want something new and appealing. Copying a few lines from an older movie is fine but it’s unlikely to work how you would like. That is why you have to avoid cheesy one-liners or once-funny lines that have gone out-of-style. Also, you need to know when to walk away. It’s good to be keen but if you’re overly keen and she isn’t biting, leave! This way you don’t look desperate and the woman doesn’t get a little disturbed by you either.

Know Your Audience

Delivering your pick up lines has to be done in an appropriate manner. For instance, you can’t walk up to a walk and be totally rude about why you’re talking to her or what you want from her. If you’re only looking for one thing you really can’t come out and say it as the woman might be pretty offended. Also, it’s a great way to get a slap in the face so you have to analyze the woman first before approaching. Is she a flirty person or someone who is shy? Will she appreciate the type of pick up line you’re going to say to her? Sometimes, it’s best to hang back and get an idea of the type of person she is before approaching.

Timing Matters

pick up linesLet’s say you have noticed a girl sitting with a friend all night and have made eye contact a few times, it’s important to make the next step at the opportune moment. There is no point approaching a woman if she’s sitting with a man because you don’t know who he is. If he’s her boyfriend then it’s likely you’ll get a fist in your face. Also, if the woman is sitting with friends, she might find it awkward to be approached in front of others. That is why you have to approach when she’s alone either at the bar or sitting alone. This is when you can start your pick up lines and it’s when they’re most effective. Timing is crucial so if you get it wrong, even the best pick up line won’t save you. read more from

Use Your Pick Up Effectively

It’s hard to know when a woman will be interested in a man or when she’s going to appreciate or like what you say. Sometimes, a woman just isn’t interested in what a man has to say for whatever reason and when it happens, you need to know when to walk away. However, delivering a pick up line can be pretty easy and once you have a few practice runs at it, it shouldn’t be too scary. Use the best pick up lines and don’t be afraid to approach a woman.

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The Top 5 Reasons Why Pick-Up Lines Simply DON’T Work

pickup lines

You see it in movies, a guy walks up to a girl and delivers some knock-out pick up lines and walks off into the sunset with her. That is a movie, not real life and while it would be amazing if life was a movie, it isn’t and in real life, you aren’t always going to get the girl. Yes, there are times when whatever you say to the girl is going to get them weak at the knees but there are also many other times when the lines are going to do nothing for you! Real life is complicated and even with a killer pick up line you might be going home alone. Why is it a possibility? Why don’t pick up lines work in today’s modern world? continue reading..

They’re Just Not Interested!

A man can be charming, pleasant to talk to and very polite and kind but that unfortunately doesn’t guarantee a woman will be interested or want to talk to you. Handsome guys might find picking up a girl to be easy but even they can fail with some men because sometimes, women just aren’t interested. It could be they have recently broken up with a boyfriend and isn’t in the mood to start another or is just feeling a bit unsure about new relationships. Remember, women have to be ready to be in a relationship and while you can have some amazing pick up lines, they aren’t enough to change the opinion of the woman. Sometimes, she really isn’t interested in a relationship.

It Looks Somewhat Desperate

What sounds good in your head sounds very wrong in another’s. You can approach a woman and say a few seemingly nice pick up lines but they don’t come out as you would like. To a lot of women it smacks of desperation and that is a real turn-off. To be honest there are many women who want to be approached naturally without any cheesy lines. If a guy says ‘hello’ to them, they can say it back and maybe strike up a simple conversation that way and allow things to progress naturally. This is something which more women are comfortable with and prefer most of all. visit today!

Women Can Feel Embarrassed and Awkward

Approaching someone in hopes of striking up a conversation and maybe even a relationship isn’t bad. There have been many who’ve found they’ve started a relationship this way, with some chat up lines. However, you have to be wary how and when you deliver your lines. For instance, if the woman is surrounded by a lot of friends she can feel quite embarrassed. If your pick up lines fail to hit the mark then it can be quite awkward too and it’s not pleasant for anyone. That is another major reason why pick up lines don’t work at times. Sometimes, women feel obliged to talk back and it’s false hope for you too which isn’t fair.

Women Can Feel Offended

Women loved to be swept off their feet and want to see a guy for who he really is. Cheesy pick up lines don’t do it for a lot of women, even if the lines aren’t too cheesy. Sometimes, a woman wants to be talked to as a woman, not as a piece of meat. It might seem really odd to a lot of people, especially men, but pick up lines can actually be pretty offensive. If you’re too crude, rude or far too over-the-top it can make a woman feel uneasy and offended by the remarks. Sometimes, the lines fail because the woman doesn’t want to hear that rubbish!

Women Prefer a Man Who’s Himself

pickup linesTo be honest, women want to find a man who is honest, nice to talk to and makes them laugh and to them, it’s a waste of time talking to someone who is only interested in one thing. Pretence isn’t going to win the heart of the girl and you can look less appealing when delivering pick up lines. Women want a man to be honest and in truth, himself because it’s the real him. If he isn’t pleasant or charming at least she knows about it as soon as she meets him. She doesn’t want to fall for him and find he’s a rat a few months down the line. Also, it makes it far easier to waste time with someone neither is really into.

Pick up Lines Are Sometimes Fickle

It’s necessary and very important to know that some women aren’t interested in pick up lines no matter how great they are. Most want a man to be himself, and while that doesn’t mean to say a pick up line can’t work for you at times, they aren’t always effective. Sometimes, those lines are too cheesy and just unappealing no matter how gorgeous you look. You might favor more if you’re yourself and try a natural approach to a woman. Pick up lines are a hit and miss so be wary of them.

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Pick Up Lines – The Definitive How to Guide

pickup line

Pick up lines are a must for almost every man alive today! Without a proper pick up line, you can fail miserably in attempting to attract a woman and while you might not they’re necessary, think again! The trouble is men say things without thinking and when you’re approaching a woman for the first time, it can backfire badly. If you approach a woman and say something inappropriate even when you’re trying to be charming, it can offend and ruin your chances. Remember, women listen to everything so it doesn’t always work to be cheesy or say things off the top of your head. So, if you want a simple but definitive how to guide for pick up lines, read on, you might just find this very useful.

Forget Cheesy 80’s Pick up Lines

Everyone loves the cheesy rom-coms of the 1980’s and while those films are technically classics of today, their pick up lines aren’t! Unfortunately many men are tempted to use a few awful pick up lines from them and it’s not a great idea. Some pick up lines from the 80’s are actually cringe-worthy and extremely bad. Women don’t want these they want something fresh, new and from the heart! Also, if a woman recognizes the line she will know you haven’t even bothered coming up with a pick up line yourself and that kills the magic! Women want to feel special and want to know you’ve actually made an effort so forget the old pick up bits and be original.

Be Yourself

A lot of men are shy and probably would never think about approaching a woman in a bar, restaurant or club but with a good pick up line, things can go far smoother. So, if you are approaching a woman for the first time, you have to be yourself. Now this probably doesn’t sound the best approach but if you want a woman to like you, she must like who you are. It’s the same with your pick up lines; these have to be a reflection on you so try to be more charming than a typical bloke! Women sometimes want to see the real you so it’s best to offer a pick up line that reflect who you are rather than something you’re not.

Start With a Joke

Women love to laugh but not at someone’s expense. You cannot approach a woman with a ‘funny’ pick up line at someone else’s expense because it’s cruel and not appealing. Your pick up lines must be fun. If you manage to get a woman to laugh at your jokes, you are golden! A woman loves a man who can make them laugh and if you can find a great joke that does you can strike up a conversation with the woman. read more from

Honest Pick up Lines Are the Best

pickup lineWomen don’t like fake. Women don’t want a man to approach them and use awful pick up lines they know are fake because they can see right through them. ‘I was watching you and thinking it’s Angelina Jolie’; now that pick up line can be flattering but if a woman knows she’s nothing like the star, she will know you’re being fake. Instead you have to come across as an honest person and not just someone who is after one thing. ‘I thought you were very pretty and wanted to say hello’. OK, that might sound cheesy but it’s actually quite sweet and if that’s what you were really thinking, say so. There’s no point making up lies that women know are false because sometimes it doesn’t make them feel nice, it tells them you’re just after one thing!

Don’t Panic

What’s the worst thing that can happen when you approach a woman? She tells you she’s not interested; well, that isn’t too bad. However, if you don’t approach them you’ll never know if they liked you. Panicking about approaching a woman is only going to result in you staying away and that isn’t good. With a few simple pick up lines and a bit of confidence you can approach a woman and hopefully strike up a conversation; that’s the first step!

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